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Detectable operating parts and standard elements -

Meaning and differences

The word detectable means discernible or traceable.

The detectable products made of a special plastic can be quickly and reliably located by detection systems.

This early detection of foreign bodies plays an important role especially in the foodstuff industry and in critical areas of the pharmaceutical industry. Often small splinters from components used on the production machines get into the manufacturing process. Most of the time, it is the consumers who discover these. The foodstuff must now be recalled at great expense. In these cases, the manufacturer usually not only has to pay high costs, but also has to reckon with enormous image loss.

To prevent this, HEINRICH KIPP WERK has developed easily detectable plastic operating parts and standard elements. These meet the highest hygiene, quality and safety requirements of the manufacturing industry.


Metal detectable operating parts and standard elements

Metal detectors operate very reliably and are among the most commonly used equipment for detecting e.g. contaminated foodstuffs.

Our metal detectable operating parts and standard elements are made from a special FDA-compliant plastic. This is easily detectable by metal detectors with the correct calibration. Even plastic fragments as small as 0.027cm³ which may get inside the foodstuff being processed, can be reliably detected by metal detectors.

If a metal detector system detects these foreign bodies, an automatic ejection can be initiated.
This prevents the disposal of an entire production batch and costly retrieval actions.

Product information:

  • Colour similar to black grey RAL 7021

  • EU10/2011 and FDA conform fibreglass reinforced thermoplastic

  • Insert parts stainless steel 1.4404


  • Automatic detection of contamination by metal detectors

  • Detection of plastic particles from 0.027 cm³ using induction technology

  • Foodstuff conform materials

Visually detectable operating parts and standard elements

The visually detectable products are made from an ultramarine coloured plastic. And with good reason.
Because usually, there are no blue foodstuffs. Therefore, unwanted fragments of damaged operating parts and standard elements stand out on the product surface due to the blue colour.
This enables both the human eye and a wide variety of optical surveillance systems to easily recognise it.

Product information:

  • Colour similar to ultramarine RAL 5002

  • EU10/2011 and FDA conform fibreglass reinforced thermoplastic

  • Inserted parts stainless steel 1.4404


  • Quick visual recognition of fragments

  • Securing high quality production

  • Foodstuff conform materials

Application areas

The detectable standard elements and operating parts are used in equipment and systems in areas subject to the most stringent hygiene and quality requirements:

  • Foodstuff industries

  • Pharmaceutical industries

  • Chemical industries

  • Packaging industries

Discover the detectable range in our online shop now.

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